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On the Isle of Sound and Wonder by Alyson Grauer

Dare to Dream

Xchyler Publishing has arrived. With inspiring writers, innovative printing strategies, and a progressive editorial staff, XP will play a key role in defining the emerging domain of independent publishing.

Xchyler Publishing focuses on Paranormal and Steampunk but welcomes submissions from other fiction genres, such as Mystery and Fantasy. We pride ourselves in introducing to the world exciting new authors committed to their craft.

We provide complete publishing services. Our professional editors, designers, and marketing staff produce books of the highest quality. The success of our authors is our own.

Make yourself part of the magic. See our submissions page for complete instructions in sending your work, and let us help you tell your story.

Xchyler Publishing endorses the life-long process of education. We can always find something new to learn. Visit our blog for inspiration, book reviews, special features, and a look inside the publishing world. Give your submissions and manuscripts an edge over the competition.

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Editor's Notes: Stop Taking Things So Seriously!

Editor's Notes: Stop Taking Things So Seriously by Shauntel SimperBY SHAUNTEL SIMPER

DISCLAIMER: If the following advice seems frivolous, awesome. I’m genuinely happy for you! Go out and write and enjoy every moment of it.

To the rest of us, consider ... more >>