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Beyond the Wail

12 Grave Tales of Love and Loss


Kingdom City: Revolt

by Ben Ireland


The Bookminder

by M. K. Wiseman


Sigil of the Wyrm

by AJ Campbell




Young Adult




Urban Fantasy





Historical Fiction/



Beyond the Wail: “The Shrine of Mirrors”


Shrine of Mirrors by F.M. Longo

A spy on a mission becomes a believer in the supernatural when the theft of three ancient relics.threaten to bring down the empire.

Frank Longo 200x274 F.M. Longo grew up surrounded by books. He started his own personal book collection at the age of seven, filling his shelves with The Hardy Boys and Tom Swift, Jr. It wasn’t long before he read his way through the entire works of Christie, Queen, Sayers, Gardner, and Wolfe. He started working in commercial kitchens from the age of fifteen, but he traded his whites for a blue pin-striped suit when he started working in Lower Manhattan, developing financial and communications software for banks, brokerages and other Wall Street companies. He later went back to the kitchen, working as the banquet chef for a large resort, and later, as the executive chef and general manager at a fine-dining restaurant. He is also an accomplished jazz drummer, playing professionally for many years. Now retired, he advises non-profit groups in his area on publicity and advertising. Originally from Stratford, CT, where his four children and seven grandchildren still reside, he currently lives in Woodbury, CT.

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