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Still looking for the special something for the dreamers on your list? Xchyler Publishing has the perfect solution for last-minute shoppers this holiday season. Whether the readers on your list prefer fantasy, paranormal, Steampunk, or science fiction, we have the right choice for them. Ranging from short story anthologies to novels to full series, in mobi, epub, or paperback formats, we have the books certain to please. Now, with our ebooks marked down to rock-bottom prices on and, you can afford to fill the stockings of everyone on your list.

For the those who prefer the feel and smell of fresh ink and paper, visit our book page for direct-from-the-printer discounts. Use discount code Y9BULPNU for 25% off the regular list price of any book in our catalog. Sale ends December 24, 2016.

KINGDOM CITY: REVOLT Book Release Blog Tour


KINGDOM CITY: REVOLT by Ben Ireland hits the interweb in just 24 hours. Follow our blog tour and Rafflecopter giveaway for the chance to win great prizes! Visit each blog each day for more ways to enter. KINGDOM CITY: REVOLT is Book 2 of the near-future dystopian series by Ben Ireland, with strong science fiction and urban fantasy elements.


January 30 through February 6, 2016

Find Ben Ireland on the web:


Saturday, 01-30 Where the Words Take You
Sunday, 01-31 Perpetual Chaos of a Wandering Mind
Monday, 02-01 Ben Ireland Books
Tuesday, 02-02 JD Spero, Author
Wednesday, 02-03 Slithers of Thought
Creativity from Chaos
Thursday, 02-04 Are You Afraid of the Dark?
Semi Short Chic
Friday, 02-05  Songs of Mann
Omega W
Saturday, 02-06 The Cult of Me
Book Reviews & Giveaways

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Blog Tour & Giveaway: The Bookminder

The Bookminder by M. K. Wiseman

We’re celebrating the release of THE BOOKMINDER by M. K. Wiseman with a blog tour and Rafflecopter give-away! Visit each blog each day for more chances to win lots of great prizes. If you like epic fantasy, you’ll love this coming-of-age tale of magic and wizards set in the Renaissance era.

January 9-16, 2016

Saturday, 01-09 Bookwhizz
 Sunday, 01-10 M. K. Wiseman
 Monday, 01-11 Perpetual Chaos of a Wandering Mind
 Tuesday, 01-12 Are You Afraid of the Dark?
 Wednesday, 01-13 The Howling Turtle
 Thursday, 01-14 Dreams to Become
Semi Short Chic
 Friday, 01.15  JD Spero
Books in the Spotlight
  Saturday, 01-16  Creativity from Chaos
Rambling Reviews

Don’t forget to enter our blog tour Rafflecopter give-away below,

on the blogs above, on our  Facebook page, or on Rafflecopter,

with daily chances to win!

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Beyond the Wail: “The Shrine of Mirrors”


Shrine of Mirrors by F.M. Longo

A spy on a mission becomes a believer in the supernatural when the theft of three ancient relics.threaten to bring down the empire.

Frank Longo 200x274 F.M. Longo grew up surrounded by books. He started his own personal book collection at the age of seven, filling his shelves with The Hardy Boys and Tom Swift, Jr. It wasn’t long before he read his way through the entire works of Christie, Queen, Sayers, Gardner, and Wolfe. He started working in commercial kitchens from the age of fifteen, but he traded his whites for a blue pin-striped suit when he started working in Lower Manhattan, developing financial and communications software for banks, brokerages and other Wall Street companies. He later went back to the kitchen, working as the banquet chef for a large resort, and later, as the executive chef and general manager at a fine-dining restaurant. He is also an accomplished jazz drummer, playing professionally for many years. Now retired, he advises non-profit groups in his area on publicity and advertising. Originally from Stratford, CT, where his four children and seven grandchildren still reside, he currently lives in Woodbury, CT.

Blog Stops:

Ever On Word

The Cult of Me

Cobblestone Scribe

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