Victorian London . . . but not one in any history book. In an alternate 1858, England has entered a golden age of technology, of steam and electricity. Airships fill the skies, mechanical computers command the trains and trams, and a country-wide communication network reaches into every home and office. Newspaperman Cornelius Gunn investigates a series of thefts across London. Someone is stealing inventions and designs—for what purpose, Gunn can’t even guess.

While attempting to identify the criminals, he and his feisty wife, Sophie, meet the enigmatic Dr. Bohemia. Before they know it, they’re on the trail of a conspiracy, and swept into an adventure that carries them to Paris and back, and a fight against a mysterious and powerful enemy. The stakes are high. If they fail, all of Europe will be plunged into war.

Fantastic book!

I really enjoyed Mr. Gunn and Dr. Bohemia! A short read, this book is one that I was able to get into quickly and lose myself in. The characters were all well-developed and easy to relate to, particularly the wife of the main character. Her refusal to allow others to dictate her actions made her easily my favorite character in this novel.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves the steampunk trend that’s currently all the rage. Happy reading!



Kristen Tifft

An Enjoyable Read

I’m fairly new to steampunk, and I found this book to be an enjoyable way to delve a little deeper into the genre. The story was very engaging and interesting. I did think the dialogue and character development left a little to be desired, but it’s definitely a book I would recommend as an enjoyable steampunk read.



Tomi A. Hill



Pete Ford was born in England and lived in Wales and Switzerland before moving to Texas. He now lives in Colorado with his wife, Kate. They have two grown-up sons and two not-at-all grown-up granddaughters.

He spends his days as a software developer; he once designed a system that accidentally dumped twenty thousand tons of water into the wrong part of the River Thames within minutes of going live. Today, he uses those same skills to develop web applications for the US government.

Although he has been writing short stories as a hobby for many years, Pete decided it was finally time to fulfill a dream—to write a book and get it published. And, as he has been a fan of Steampunk stories since before the term Steampunk had even been coined, the genre of the story was a foregone conclusion. He is now developing ideas for more books to come.
When he isn’t working or writing, he reads, watches movies, and plays computer games including World of Warcraft, and the Half-Life and Portal series. He loves science, history, and cheese.